About Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road Preschool provides educational programs tailored for 4-year-olds who will be attending Kindergarten the following fall, and also classes for children who are age 2½. Our curriculum includes:

  • phonics
  • language skills
  • math concepts
  • music
  • arts and crafts
  • beginning reading
  • introductory Spanish skills
  • ballet and gymnastics

We are led by our Director Mrs. Linda Lithgow, who’s degree is in Early Childhood Education from Pennsylvania State University. Rainbow Road Preschool is the work of some very special moms with lots of experience and a special love for preschool-age children. All of our teachers also have at least a B.S. or B.A. degree.

Rainbow Road is located in a bright, secure facility, including a 2,700 square foot outdoor fenced play area and a large indoor play room for inclement weather.

We have students from many nations and religions. Rainbow Road is a ministry of Craigs Baptist Church.

Daniel’s Second Home

I was nervous leaving my son, Daniel, for the very first time. Daniel and I visited a lot of preschools, checking them all out carefully. I wasn't comfortable with them for one reason or another. Finally, we dropped by Rainbow Road. I felt 'at home' there, instantly. And clearly, so did Daniel — he quickly and voluntarily left me talking with one of the staff and began playing. He also got very comfortable with the staff immediately!

Daniel's Dad

It’s amazing how much she’s changed …

My daughter started going to Rainbow Road a year ago — we wanted her to build her confidence and interact socially with other children her age. It's amazing how much she's changed, from a very shy little girl to the confident, sociable and happy little girl she is now!

Sarah's Mom