Philosophy & Purpose

Rainbow Road Preschool’s goal is to provide a positive environment that will allow a child to develop physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually according to his or her own abilities.

Specifically, we plan activities:

  • To provide experiences that allow a child to learn to be with other children.
  • To promote an interest and joy in learning.
  • To develop security and a feeling of success with non-family members.
  • To develop self-expression.
  • To develop creativity.
  • To develop responsibility for self, others and possessions.
  • To provide a successful transition from the home environment to school.

Academic Goals

  • Phonics & Reading
  • Recognition of name, sound and picture of long and short vowels and consonants.
  • Sounding of blends and one and two vowel words.
  • Reading of simple sentences and familiar sight words.
  • Writing of upper and lowercase letters.
  • Writing of name.

We teach language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners and science. Many songs are learned to reinforce language development and other concepts.

The children learn to identify and write numerals 0-20, counting, recognizing number order, creating and matching sets. We help them understand the concepts of more, less and zero; simple addition of sets and numbers; and awareness of numbers in the world around them.


Spiritual Goals

The children will learn who God is and how much He loves them.  They will learn that God is all powerful and that He created the world and mankind.  The children will learn who Jesus is.  They will learn about Christmas and Easter.  They will learn how to pray to God.  They will learn that the Bible is God’s word to us.  They will learn familiar Bible stories which demonstrate God’s love and power.  The children will learn Christian values such as love, kindness, self-control, patience, etc. when interacting with other people.

Daniel’s Second Home

I was nervous leaving my son, Daniel, for the very first time. Daniel and I visited a lot of preschools, checking them all out carefully. I wasn't comfortable with them for one reason or another. Finally, we dropped by Rainbow Road. I felt 'at home' there, instantly. And clearly, so did Daniel — he quickly and voluntarily left me talking with one of the staff and began playing. He also got very comfortable with the staff immediately!

Daniel's Dad

It’s amazing how much she’s changed …

My daughter started going to Rainbow Road a year ago — we wanted her to build her confidence and interact socially with other children her age. It's amazing how much she's changed, from a very shy little girl to the confident, sociable and happy little girl she is now!

Sarah's Mom